As KenyaLink Facilitators we are committed to provide quality and efficient service. We constantly monitor developments in immigration law and use state-of-the-art technology for research, client communications and case management.

Our operations office is based in Nairobi Kenya. Due to our efficiency and experience, we can represent clients from all over the world in our respective jurisdiction with the highest standards. We assist our clients in applying for a range of visas such as: Work permits, Highly skilled migrants, Sole representatives, Business persons, Innovators, Investors, Entertainers and Sportspersons,  Writers, Composers and artists, Retired persons of independent means, Working holidaymakers, Visitors, Students, Family and Dependants, Unmarried partners, Naturalization and registration as a citizen, Intra-company transfers, Journalists, Interns and Trainees, Preparation for visa application interviews,  Permanent resident cards. Our operating procedures are as follows:

  1. Evaluating eligibility for visas/immigration.
  2. Informing the client as to the most updated regulations.
  3. Examining alternative visa options.
  4. Offering optional strategies.
  5. Assistance in locating all necessary documents.
  6. Preparing and submitting the application to the proper authorities.
  7. Working with the proper immigration authorities and government agencies.

Having worked with a number of high profile organizations, KenyaLink Facilitators provides a highly personal service, sensitive to both commercial and individual needs. Advice and solutions are provided in a practical, creative and cost effective manner. All issues and any potential problems are identified at the outset. Our service is prompt, dealing with matters efficiently and speedily.

The Immigration legislation, and its rules and policies, are vastly complex and are regularly reviewed by the Authorities. If you are unsure of any immigration rules, policies or regulations, please contact us and we will be able to inform you of which will apply to your case. We are pleased to extend services for immigration into Kenya at an exceedingly reasonable payment plan. As always, the standard of our work is of utmost superior quality, giving clients the satisfaction of making worth every penny that they spend.

The philosophy of the firm is to provide Competent, Ethical Migration services at reasonable fees, to the convenience of the client to the fullest extent possible, always operating within appropriate rules and regulations and showing respect for the clients. Our extensive knowledge and vast experience in general immigration and business immigration is second to none.

We offer assistance to corporates and individuals in the field of immigration and cater to various markets including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, Italy, France and Germany. More importantly, as a firm handling a high volume of cases, we have acquired a level of expertise in this field, which enables us to find answers to virtually any conceivable problem. As experienced practitioners we are always up to date on the latest developments. We provide each case with individual attention. Our firm takes pride in its ability to work closely with clients and to address and meet individual needs. We are responsive to our clients needs and understand how important each situation is. The combination of specialized knowledge, Superior technical capabilities, expertise and comprehensive support facilities, enables our firm to maintain its high success rate in the processing of all immigration cases.